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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

This major is for persons who have intellectual and professional interests in more than one academic area. It is a self-designed major that allows you to create your own unique academic program by purposefully selecting courses from two different disciplines.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Major was designed for people who are:

  • Adult transfer students who have work experience and some previous college credit
  • Or, traditional undergraduates with multiple academic interests
  • This program allows students to integrate existing knowledge and experience with a second area of student that extends or enriches it.

The interdisciplinary nature of learning is emphasized through the Interdisciplinary Studies Core courses. Writing and communicating are key components of each core course and are intended to foster critical reflection and thinking. Students culminate their university experience by engaging in integrative research. They will design and complete a senior thesis or capstone project. Interdisciplinary Studies majors can expect the following learning outcomes.

  • Demonstrate foundational skills in reading, writing, oral communication, information literacy, and refinement of critical reflection and thinking.
  • Gain ability to demonstrate self-directed, lifelong learning skills.
  • Develop ability to explore complex questions by engaging in interdisciplinary inquiry.
  • Develop ability to apply relevant course content in professional settings and work environments.
  • Develop ability to conduct applied research methods and engage in appropriate projects.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major requires a minimum of 48 credits, including 12 credit hours taken from the IDS Core plus 36 credit hours taken in at least two integrated academic disciplines.  



 Interdisciplinary Studies Core (12 credits) 



Signature Learning Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Major:

*See Signature Learning Pathways for a complete listing of applicable cognate courses.