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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Personnel and Directory of Offices

Faculty and Employee Information

If you need contact information, we encourage you to first refer to our quick-reference directory of offices below or do a directory search for a specific department, faculty or employee at If you still have questions or concerns, please direct them to the area that most closely relates to the subject of your communication.

University Mail:

The post office address of the university is:

Capital University
1 College and Main
Columbus, Ohio 43209-2394

614-236-6011 (main line)

Student Mail:

The following address has been assigned to facilitate student mail and package deliveries:

Student Name
745 Pleasant Ridge Avenue
# (student box number)
Columbus, Ohio 43209-2394Columbus, Ohio 43209

Directory of Academic Support Offices:

Depending upon the nature of the inquiry, letters and phone calls to the university should be directed as follows:

  • Academic Success-614-236-6327
  • Admission-undergraduate admission information, 614-236-6101, or toll free: 1-866-544-6175
  • Adult and Graduate Education-614-236-6996
  • Athletics-614-236-6209
  • Bookstore-614-236-6116
  • Campus Ministries-614-236-7737
  • Career Development-614-236-6606
  • Center for Health and Wellness-614-236-6114
  • Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching-614-236-6633
  • Conference Services-614-236-6200
  • Counseling Services-614-236-6114
  • Dining Services-614-236-6200
  • Dean of Students-614-236-6367
  • Disability Services-614-236-6611
  • Diversity and Inclusion-614-236-6181
  • Finance Office-Accounts payable and general ledger, 614-236-6385
  • Financial Aid-financial assistance, including scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment, 614-236-6511
  • Information Technology, 614-236-6508
  • International Education-program information about study abroad and admission information for international students, 614-236-7102
  • Library (Circulation Desk 236-6614 and/or Reference Desk 236-6351)
  • Media Relations and Communications-614-236-6945
  • Medical Services-614-236-6114
  • Publications and Marketing-614-236-6196
  • Registrar-student academic records, transcripts and graduation, 614-236-6150
  • Residential and Commuter Life-student housing, 614-236-6811
  • Retention-614-236-6611
  • ROTC / Department of Military Science and Leadership-614-236-7114/6808
  • Schumacher Gallery-614-236-6319
  • Sports Information-athletic event publicity and publications, 614-236-6174
  • Student Accounts-student financial accounts, payment plans, 614-236-6141
  • Student and Community Engagement-student organizations, Fraternity and Sorority life, orientation, programming, and Student Union, 614-236-6901
  • Veteran Benefits - certification of enrollment, 614-236-6966
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost-general academic matters, 614- 236-6108 (see department chair and director listing below)