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2013-2014 Undergraduate 
2013-2014 Undergraduate [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Pre-Law Program

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Director—David Belcastro, Assistant Dean of the School of Humanities
Advisers—Baker, Christenson, Griffith, Koch, Marilley, Maroukis, Sanders, Skinner, S.Smith, Swails, Thomas, Wallace

Capital University has a long tradition of preparing students for the law profession. Hundreds of our students have graduated from a wide variety of law schools and are practicing in the various fields of law. Our experience in pre-law advising is aided by our involvement with the Capital University Law School.

There is no specific pre-law curriculum. Students interested in a career in law should, in conjunction with a pre-law adviser, undertake a broadly based academic curriculum. We subscribe to the American Bar Association’s statement on law school entrance, ‘‘The best preparation for the study of law is a broad liberal arts education.’’

To be accepted into a law school, you need a strong academic record and a wide range of liberal arts courses. The liberal arts background will provide you with the skills that law schools require for entrance. These skills include:

—Oral and written communications skills. The ability to speak well and the ability to write well is a prerequisite for a successful law career.

—Creative, critical and analytical thinking skills. A successful lawyer must be able to use reason and logic to arrive at viable arguments and conclusions.

—A knowledge of the institutions and values of society so that you may understand the context in which the law operates.

With the assistance of a pre-law adviser, we recommend that you choose a major that suits your individual needs and interests. It should also be a major that will allow you to strengthen the skills you will need to be accepted into the law school of your choice.

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