Dec 05, 2023  
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Music in Performance-Vocal (Bachelor of Music) -

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Major Requirements:

TRACK SELECTIVES (Minimum 9 credits)
  • Select From: Additional Ensembles, MUSIC 63 Opera/Musical Theatre, MUSIC 73 Chamber Music, MUSIC 281 Class Keyboard III, MUSIC 288 Jazz/Contemporary Keyboard I, MUSIC 275 Intro to Conducting OR MUSIC 358 Choral Conducting I, MUSIC 273G Dance Technique I, MUSIC 274G Dance Technique II, MUSIC 99-10 Contemporary Voice Lesson
UNIVERSITY ELECTIVES - (Minimum 12 credits)
  • Select From: MUSIC 335 Choral Arranging, MUSIC 326 Song Literature OR MUSIC 329 History of Musical Theatre, MUSIC 364 Music Industry Survey, MUSIC 365 Music Entrepreneurship, MUSIC 423 History of Jazz and Popular Music, THEATRE 121 Introduction to Theatre, THEATRE 223 Acting for the Stage, THEATRE 221 Performance Studies, PTECH 222 Stagecraft, PTECH 321 Scenic Design, BUSINESS 210 Personal Finance, CLS 251 Communication and Culture, HSPTS 230 Human Nutrition, PHIL 204 Philosophy and the Arts, RELIG 380 Hymns and Christian Tradition

Signature Learning Requirements for Bachelor of Music Vocal Majors

Signature Learning Requirements for Music Majors:

  • First Year Seminar (MUSIC 120 Introduction to Music and Listening for all music majors)
  • Reading and Writing 
  • Oral Communication  
  • Ethics   
  • Quantitative Reasoning *
  • Religion
  • Fine Arts - (Requirement met with major) 
  • Social Science *
  • Cultural Pluralism *
  • Natural Science (Students must take a minimum of six (6) credit hours of Natural Science and the laboratory science requirement) *
  • Humanities
  • Global Systems

*See Signature Learning Pathways for a complete listing of applicable cognate courses.



* Minimum 8 semesters of Primary Lessons and passing the MUSIC-401P level.

**  Minimum grade of C required

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