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2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Music (Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies Emphasis Music Technology)

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Total Credit Requirement - 125 credits


The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies - Music Technology is intended to prepare music technology experts for the vast number of opportunities for employment in the music industry. Student learning outcomes are intended to prepare students with the knowledge and skills that will not only make them attractive to employers, but also position them to keep up with changes in the technology and music industry through development of lifelong learning skills.

Students will take most of their music technology specific courses in the Conservatory and CMC   recording studios, production suites, and computer labs.  These facilities are state-of-the-art and similar to those found in professional spaces throughout the nation. The intention of this major is to provide students with learning that can be directly applied in their professional lives.

Although this degree does not fall under the purview of the National Association of Schools of Music, it is overseen by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) 

A student in the Professional Studies major can expect the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate effective use of professional recording studio technologies, including microphones, signal processing devices, analog and digital hardware, and DAW software in real world client-based situations.
  • Apply the fundamental theories of system design, analog and digital signal flow, audio troubleshooting, and event management to live sound production.
  • Build upon an historic understanding of electronic music production to create musical arrangements utilizing contemporary software technologies and compositional theories.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the post-production process and aesthetics of sound in video and film.
  • Develop an understanding of common music business practices with a focus on experiential and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Integrate industry-standard skills that incorporate audio, video, and web technologies for capturing, editing, and delivering digital content.

Major Requirements:


Creative Media (must chose two courses from the following list):


*Minimum Grade of C required

**Minimum Grade of C- required

***Additional Fee Required

Signature Learning Requirements for BAPS Majors:

  • First Year Seminar (MUS 120 required for all music majors)
  • Reading and Writing 
  • Oral Communication  
  • Ethics   
  • Quantitative Reasoning *
  • Religion
  • Fine Arts - (fulfilled by major)
  • Social Science *
  • Cultural Pluralism *
  • Natural Science (Students must take a minimum of six (6) credit hours of Natural Science and the laboratory science requirement) *
  • Humanities
  • Global Systems  


*See Signature Learning  Pathways for a complete listing of applicable cognate courses.





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