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2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Military Science & Leadership

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School of Management and Leadership  

Capital University is designated as one of 273 host Army ROTC programs in the United States. Army ROTC is one of the most demanding and successful leadership programs in the country.  The training a student receives in Army ROTC teaches leadership development, military skills and career training. Courses take place both in the classroom and in the field and are mixed with normal academic studies. Additional summer programs, such as Airborne and Air Assault School, may also be attended.

Interested students in their freshman or sophomore year at Capital University can start by taking an Army ROTC basic elective course without obligation or military commitment. If a student has at least two or more years remaining toward their undergraduate degree, but not enough time to complete the Basic Course, the student can enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course by completing Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during their summer between their sophomore and junior year.   This course is for those college students who want to complete Army ROTC training in two years.  To qualify, a student must complete a challenging and motivating 28-day training program at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Upon completion of CIET, graduates return to campus prepared to enter the Advanced Course.

The Advanced Course consists of classes and labs during junior and senior year and successful completion of the Cadet Leaders Course (CLC) which is held at Fort Knox, Kentucky during the summer between junior and senior year.   Capital University also fully supports the Simultaneous Membership Program which allows students to participate in Army ROTC and serve in the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard at the same time.   It gives students an opportunity for additional training and experience.  Cadets serve as Officer Trainees in the Reserves or National Guard while completing college.

Capital University Army ROTC and the University Nursing Program are also recognized as Partners in Nursing Education.   Army ROTC nursing students combine college electives in military science and invaluable nurse summer training experiences with their standard nursing program requirements.  This helps develop professional skill sets required to serve as an active duty nurse or a Reserve Officer working in a civilian hospital upon graduation.

To explore enrolling in the Army Reserve Officers Training (ROTC), make an appointment to see a recruiting officer.

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)
Capital University
Troutman Hall 
Columbus, Ohio 43209
614-236-7114 or 614-236-6808



Qualified students interested in obtaining an officer’s commission in the United States Air Force may also enroll in Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC) classes through cooperative agreements with nearby Ohio State University. Air Force classes are held at Ohio State.  ROTC offers full tuition scholarships to qualified students.

To explore enrolling in the United States Air Force ROTC, make an appointment to see a recruiting officer.

Air Force ROTC Detachment 645
The Ohio State University
Converse Hall, 2121 Tuttle Park Place
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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